Coriand Variable Font

Coriand is a font experiment on Chinese variable font practices, is designed by me at TypeSchool Hanzi Course 2018 in Beijing, hosted by 3type.

Variable font, as a relatively new OpenType standard, is still a field that few people set foot in China. I hope through this experiment to open up some new possibilities for Chinese variable fonts.

Created within 6 days, Coriand only covers a few Chinese characters. I tried to explore a new adjustment axis besides (the old and cliche) font weight. So with Coriand, you can also adjust the stroke contrast of the typeface, which means you can easily switch between the semiserif style and the sans-serif style to accommodate the various needs of typographic design.

An interactive demo site is now live and please feel free to try it out.

Live demo
Font specimen

Two adjustment axis

Two semiserif masters

Two sanserif masters

Interpolations according to Luc(as) de Groot’s Theory

Specimen – fonts in use

Wanna use?

Try it for yourself.

Live demo
Font specimen